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May 23, 2023

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Attention as an Instrument of Love

The choice we make of how we dispose our consciousness is the ultimate creative act: it renders the world what it is. It is, therefore, a moral act: it has consequences.

– Iain McGilchrist –

Attention as an Instrument of Love

“How the brain metes out attention and what that means for our intimacy with reality is what the philosophy-lensed British psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist takes up in his immense, in both senses of the word, book The Matter With Things: Our Brains, Our Delusions and the Unmaking of the World (public library) — an investigation of how “the very brain mechanisms which succeed in simplifying the world so as to subject it to our control militate against a true understanding of it,” and what a richer understanding of those mechanisms can do for living in closer and more felicitous communion with reality. At its heart is the recognition that “the whole is never the same as the sum of its ‘parts'” and that “there are in fact no ‘parts’ as such, but that they are an artefact of a certain way of looking at the world.”” More in this piece from The Marginalian { read more }

Be The Change

Watch the trailer for “The Divided Brain,” a documentary that delves into McGilchrist’s groundbreaking exploration of the differences between the brain’s left and right hemispheres and the impact of these differences on history, society and culture. { more }

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