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Climate Action Challenge
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Last month, scientists made a strange and somber discovery: plants under duress make audible sounds that other species can hear many feet away but aren’t audible to humans. A tomato plant that hasn’t gotten enough water, a grapevine being cut, or wheat growing thin due to poor soil. An unheard wave of silent disconnection — with ourselves, each other and nature — lingers underneath the roars of our world today. As Stephen Levine said, “If sequestered pain made a sound, the atmosphere would be humming all the time.”

In that backdrop, how might we ignite the intelligence of the heart to hear beyond sounds? To look not only from our personal lens, but also from our granddaughter’s eyes? To feel each others’ pain, and to respond with tenderness and love, and bring healing one small act, one square inch of earth, and one human heart at a time?

On this Earth Day, we are excited to launch a 21-day Climate Action Challenge and deepen our interconnection to all life on this planet called home! Each day will invite us to act on a practice, expand our horizons and reflect in community. Learn more/RSVP here.
speakers_apr2023.gif We’re also excited to feature weekly calls with super inspiring guest speakers — Clare Farrell, co-founder of youth-led Extinction Rebellion movement in Europe; Susan Bauer-Wu, President of Mind & Life and author of ‘Future We Can Love’; Ocean Robbins, grandson of Baskin Robbins founder who dedicates his life to transforming our climate and food relationships; Claire Dubois, whose Tree Sisters movement has reforested 27 million trees in tropical forests; thought-leader Jeremy Lent, whose award-winning books ignite visions of systems change. Oh, and lots of stirring musicians, starting with Nimo’s latest song, and uncommon heroes like a zero-waste classroom of 5th graders!
Research says it takes 21 days to change a habit, if done in shared community with regular reflection. So, Are You In? 🙂
Thank you, also, to many hundreds of you who joined the previous Kindness Challenge and Laddership Pod.

“I felt more like a newcomer to this field of Laddership, but I never felt insecure. It felt completely right to dive deep into it. Each of my posts went out like a ripple in the ocean of other stories. A small candlelight, put on a piece of wood, letting it float on water, among hundreds of lights out there. Just one hue, one color of being human. It was no longer my achievement, my fault, my past — it was simply an act of letting go. And in that field, I realized, I can choose what kind of person I want to be. I’m allowed to grow. It brings tears to my eyes. I’m very thankful. Thank you!” –Karlheinz in Austria

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P.S. Politics + Heart?!?
Last month, our Awakin Talks team kicked off an illuminating “+Heart” Series, with a spirited conversation between a neuroscientist, a mystic, and a change-maker. at_apr2023.png Tomorrow, April 15th, we’re thrilled to dive into our next installment of the series — this time, with four political influencers from Europe, Asia and North America: Politics + Heart — RSVP here!

They’ll be tackling some difficult questions — do politics and heart even belong in the same sentence? Do those who seek to engage love without power enable others to exercise power without love? How do we cultivate inner power while in positions of external power? In a world of polarization, can narratives of pluralism find mainstream resonance? Can principled politicians also embrace compromise? While our systems are designed to contain our vices, what will it take to amplify our virtues?

ServiceSpace is a unique incubator of volunteer-run projects that nurture a culture of generosity. We believe that small acts of service can nurture a profound inner transformation that sustains external impact. To get involved, you can subscribe to our newsletters or create an account and complete our 3-step process to volunteer.
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