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My Wish for Humanity

This week’s inspiring video: My Wish for Humanity
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Jan 19, 2023
My Wish for Humanity

My Wish for Humanity

Learning to love takes time, sometimes a long time. Sometimes we feel crushed and like we can’t rise up again, but Antoinette Pienaar’s wish for humanity is for all to know that we are never completely dead inside. Life can begin again. Mother Nature teaches us the truth of our resilience and is there to help us. In this film, she wants humanity to remember these words: Open your heart like a flower. Don’t lose hope. Give yourself water for your soul and you will rise up again just like the plants in the South African desert have where she lives. In the process of opening our hearts and releasing the energy of sadness, anger and fear, and even breaking apart inside, we are letting go of that which deadens us and dries up our inner landscape. This desolation from a life of artificiality and stress keeps us from living life fully. In letting go of our dis-ease, we can be well again. If we are willing to take the inroads given to us—many that are unknown and unasked for, we can find peace in the end—and even along the way. This is Antoinette Pienaar’s wish for humanity: to let go of all that keeps us from living real lives of love. Not the romantic, Hollywood kind of love but the love that is quiet, powerful and true, and takes time to grow. It is to experience reality in the beauty of a life without expectations or judgments.
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