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Appearance As A Gift

Weekly excerpt to help us remember the sacred.
Weekly Reading Nov 28, 2022

Appearance As A Gift


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2593.jpgOur whole experience of life is a relationship. Every single moment is centered in the way we relate to what is happening.

To understand this more deeply it helps us to recognize core issues that manifest due to the misperception of separation. Our perceived disconnection from spirit/source is at the root of all our conflicts.

This sense of disconnection underlies EVERY issue we endure as individuals and as a human race. As a result we feel dislocated in ourselves and in life. We have a distorted perception of everything we encounter – which in turn influences our whole experience. Because, simply put – all that we experience is filtered through our perceptions.

These perceptions then lead us to experience what we think. As we experience what we think we make it our belief system. From our belief system, we continue to think and act in ways that shape our entire experience of life.

The first symptom to come out of our (perceived) disconnection with spirit is the belief of separation. This manifests in our ideas and mental constructs of ‘other’. We develop an experience of something ‘other’ than source, soul, eternal life. AND other than everything else we see.

This sense of separation extends beyond a split from source and one’s own self, into a sense of separation from every other part of creation. Every person we meet (who really is a part of our infinite Self), is encountered as other. Not only is there a sense of ‘other’, there is also a sense of ‘opposite’. Our experience is one of duality; me and you, this and that, right and wrong.

Whatever is seen as outside or ‘other’ than our self is seen either as a threat or as desirable. We seek to either reject in order to protect ourselves or to possess in order to feel more complete. Our experience becomes one of dualistic relating — which ultimately results in a never-ending struggle. […]

When we see our Self in ‘other’ it is no longer possible to form a relationship based in fear. It is no longer an encounter of competition, protection or an effort to possess. It is a deeply encountered state of relating — centered in love. It is seen as an expression that is alive and centered only and forever in the now. It is seen as an opportunity to express our authentic Self and to feel and witness our Self as Love through the reflection of what appears as other. This appearance is seen as a gift; a multi-dimensional mirror, to know our infinite Self in and through endless forms.

In essence: the more connected you are in your Self, the more connected your experience will be with life.

How do you relate to the notion that this appearance can be seen as a gift? Can you share a personal story of a time you were able to move beyond dualistic relating and instead center in love? What helps you see everything you encounter as your own infinite Self in and through endless forms?

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