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October 27, 2022

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My Real Name: A Conversation with Zoo Cain

At 69, I’m eventually going to run out of time, so I’m lobbying to work on rainbows when I get to the other side.

– Zoo Cain –

My Real Name: A Conversation with Zoo Cain

“Creating is so natural for me now. I never have a block. I’m on a roll. This started as a little snowball at the top of a hill and rolled into an avalanche–an avalanche of artwork. I’d estimate I’ve done ten to twelve thousand pieces. I used to keep count. One year I started 725 pieces and completed over 500 of them. [Zoo picks up a circular piece of scrap metal with an open middle, and holds it up.] Look at this perfect piece of work. I’ve always been able to see art in odd places, even as a child. I guess Ive been lucky in that way–although my wife might not appreciate me bringing home old mufflers and whatever.” More in this interview with one-of-a-kind artist Zoo Cain. { read more }

Be The Change

Why not give yourself permission to let your creative side have a little fun? Arrange some rocks in your front yard. Hang a picture on your front porch. Look around your house, closets, basement, garage and put something together to sit on a table or sideboard, or hang on a wall. The possibilities are really endless, once you give yourself permission to surprise yourself.

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