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Seed Bank.
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During last week’s Interfaith Compassion call, a young woman from Brazil shared a powerful story:

In his pursuit of wisdom, a seeker found a hut with a sign: ‘Here, you can find everything your heart desires.’ He enters the hut to find a wise woman, and excitedly shares his long wish list. To which the old woman responds, “My dear, we have a small misunderstanding. What you’re asking for are the fruits, but what you can get here are the seeds.”

oct2_nletter.jpg Last month, more than 1900 of you from 84 countries signed on for a 21-day Interfaith Challenge — to plant seeds in each other’s hearts. And it has been a magical journey, with thousands of inspired stories. This Sunday will be the Pod’s closing call — with Bishop Swing, Sami Awad from Palestine, music in Hebrew, prayers from Japan, and so much more. Since it’s Gandhi’s birthday, we are also delighted to have young girls directly from the Gandhi Ashram, offering opening prayers. We’d love to have you join our celebration of compassion! RSVP here.

Thank you, for cultivating our collective seed bank — one small act at a time.

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As we wrap up the Interfaith Compassion Challenge, we are gearing up for three weeklong learning journeys — and you’re invited!

  • giphy.gif Oct 9th: Gandhi Today. Everyone knows about Gandhi the leader, but how would his values translate in 2022? He wrote that “law of love” was more precise than gravity and electricity(!), but it required fusing our inner transformation with external service. What does that practically look like? After the same pod last year, Steve in Alaska, called his experience “stupendous”. It’s an uncommon way to consider our individual and collective action. [Learn more/RSVP]
  • rz_ssp_63361c2b74368.jpg Oct 23rd: Labor of Love. A transactional life gets exhausting, but what is the alternative? Can we play a more infinite game? On the coattails of a ‘Laddership’ pod last month, a group of “labor of love” innovators are convening a peer-learning space — to dive into hands-on organizing challenges around ‘priceless pricing’, ‘gift ecology’, ‘deepcasting’, and more out-of-the-box and into-the-heart approaches. [Learn more/RSVP]
  • death.gif Nov 6th: Living and Dying. Sometime last year, Maki-san spoke about her experience with hundreds of dying patients — who learned how to embrace, and even celebrate, impermanence. That led to the formation of this moving pod, with unique prompts and exercises to deepen our relationship to death — and hence, life! Amid loss and love, and grief and grace, how do we tune into deeper grounds of resiliency and engagement with life? [Learn more/RSVP]
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zencircle.gif From war-time Poland, an unforgettable story retold by Rabbi Burger: Embracing the Wound of Others

Bala is a young, heartful singer who wowed us with a thousand year old Sankrit prayer: Akka Kelavva

How can science inform our compassion practice? And what it says about its three roadblocks: exhaustion, bias and overwhelm.

A former CIA analyst: “What a Muslim Man Taught Me in Iraq.

Qigong Master Wei Qifeng taking us right to the core: Who Am I?

Dacher Keltner researches awe, but he experienced a bit of it when he discovered who was introducing him — his daughter!

What would you do if an angry student takes the plants in your classroom, and chucks them out the window? Probably not what he did.

Before Sharon Salzberg’s talk, we asked her a few questions, like an act of kindness she’ll never forget and her favorite poem: Five Minutes with Sharon.


May we all honor the fruit in every seed.
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