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September 15, 2022

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Andy Couturier: Writing Open the Mind

We’ve forgotten what the child understands intuitively: that language comes from the deep wilderness of life itself, that it comes from play, and that the unsuspected appears from nowhere again and again.

– Andy Couturier –

Andy Couturier: Writing Open the Mind

“People talk about “freewriting.” Free. Writing. What would it be to write totally free? To be liberated from all the niggling habits, the tendency to adopt a certain stance? What might your mind do and say if it weren’t in the office drafting memos? A sassafras hickey zowie brainstorm. Writing discovers your own life. Don’t box it. Don’t expect it or force it to be this or that. The way most of us approach writing, we’re stuck in the detention room. But when we give ourselves permission to play, the subconscious is liberated and makes patterns outside of the analyzing mind. Those patterns are far more complex and rich than a strict Euclidean geometry cleansed of all the burrs, rough edges and tangled seaweed clumps. ‘Writing Open the Mind’ is a delicious compendium of tricks, stratagems and experiments to let you into your own subconscious world. I offer you three of my experiments here.” Author and writing teacher, Andy Couturier shares more in this compelling and exuberant excerpt from his book. { read more }

Be The Change

For more inspiration, join a couple of upcoming “Writing Open the Mind” circles with Andy! More details and RSVP info here. { more }

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