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May 16, 2022

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Neurodiversity and Creativity

Why is normality a gold standard? Isn’t it so much more exciting to be different, to have glitter and a phenomenal spectrum of colours and possibilities?

– Kai Syng Tan –

Neurodiversity and Creativity

“If we put neurodiversity with creativity together, what can we get? At the moment, what is dominant is what we call the deficit approach meaning, that we see neurodivergent processes as problems, disorders and abnomality. We have a medical model. There is a process of diagnosis, and various remedies are prescribed such as special equipment and human support, medication, etc. This essentially puts the onus on individuals to work things out themselves. But, how about we think of flipping things around? As an artist, I love flipping things around, turning them upside down to ask the what ifs?. And as someone with ADHD, I love trespassing boundaries and borders, and colliding contrasting elements together to make new, novel connections.” Dr Kai Syng Tan is an artist, curator, and researcher who “uses the body and mind in motion as processes of interrogating and making interventions in the world around her.” More in this interview. { read more }

Be The Change

For more inspiration, check out this TEDx talk by Christine Ramsay on, “The Extraordinary Power of Neurodiversity.” { more }

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