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Say Wow

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InnerNet Weekly: Inspirations from
Say Wow
by Chelan Harkin

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2549.jpgEach day before our surroundings
become flat with familiarity
and the shapes of our lives click into place,
dimensionless and average as Tetris cubes,

before hunger knocks from our bellies
like a cantankerous old man
and the duties of the day stack up like dishes
and the architecture of our basic needs
commissions all thought
to construct the 4-door sedan of safety,

before gravity clings to our skin
like a cumbersome parasite
and the colored dust of dreams
sweeps itself obscure in the vacuum of reason,

each morning before we wrestle the world
and our hearts into the shape of our brains,
look around and say, “Wow!”
Feed yourself fire.
Scoop up the day entire
like a planet-sized bouquet of marvel
sent by the Universe directly into your arms
and say, “Wow!”

Break yourself down
into the basic components of primitive awe
and let the crescendo of each moment
carbonate every capillary
and say, “Wow!”

Yes, before our poems become calloused
with revision
let them shriek off the page of spontaneity

and before our metaphors get too regular,
let the sun stay
a conflagration of homing pigeons
that fights through fire
each day to find us.

About the Author: Chelan Harkin is a mystic poet. 🙂

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Say Wow
How do you relate to the notion of rekindling wonder every day? Can you share a personal story of a time you were able to see your familiar world with new eyes of wonder? How have you reconciled wonder with rationality?
Naren Kini wrote: This one has Rumi touch to it. I felt it all thru the read. âIn your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do…
Jagdish P Dave wrote: Nature offers many wonderful gifts in our hands everyday and we say”Wow!” I get up early in the morning watching the sun rising and I say “Wow!” I hear the birds chirping and feeding their little babi…
David Doane wrote: Chelan Harkin’s poem is beautiful and wise. I think it’s important and probably essential to allow and rekindle wonder every day to be alive beyond being biological robots programmed and conditioned …
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