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January 3, 2022

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Releasing Contracts that Block Joy

We remain forever neoplastic. We remain forever changeable, and healable by experiences of being understood.

– Sarah Peyton –

Releasing Contracts that Block Joy

“Self-warmth makes everything better: our health, our immune system, our life decisions, our sense of meaning, our capacity for engagement, our effectiveness, and our intimate connections with others. But we may have agreements with ourselves, agreements we don’t even know about, to NOT be warm with ourselves. We may have contracts to not like ourselves, to be indifferent, even to hate and be cruel to ourselves. (And others.) Without knowing it, we make these self-agreements in order to leverage our nervous systems to take care of the people around us…The long-term results for our bodies, minds and nervous systems can be tragic, even though we originally wanted to do the best thing for everyone. These contracts are often made before we can talk. The only thing a baby has to contribute to balancing a family is that baby’s own nervous system.” Nonviolent Communication trainer Sarah Peyton shares more about the contracts that block joy — and how we can dissolve them.
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Be The Change

To learn more, join this Saturday’s workshop with Sarah Peyton. More details and RSVP info here. { more }

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