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Echoes of the Invisible

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June 27, 2021

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Echoes of the Invisible

Stillness and silence allow us to see things that were previously invisible, regardless of your walk of life.

– Steve Elkins –

Echoes of the Invisible

A blind man runs alone through Death Valley. Journalist Paul Salopek walks 21,000 miles across the world to retrace our ancestor’s migration, manifesting “slow journalism.” Science writer Anil Ananthaswamy seeks out the silent places on earth where “extreme physics” is being done both by cosmologists and monks. Photographer Rachel Sussman struggles to capture the oldest living organisms on the planet, while astronomers and physicists — from the Atacama Desert in Chile to the Hadron Supercollider on the Swiss/French border — attempt to penetrate the furthest depths of space and time. These ambitious explorers journeying to the Earth’s furthest reaches seeking in part to uncover their deepest inner reaches are connected by a tireless search to touch the deep silence of the human heart in a world of noise and division. Such are among the mosaic of profound quests interwoven in the film, Echoes of the Invisible, a stunning new documentary that is as much a meditation and prayer as it is a film. Learn more in this interview with Steve Elkins, the film’s director. { read more }

Be The Change

Join a special call with Steve Elkins next week,” Seeing the Invisible: The Search for Stillness and Silence in the Digital Age.” More details and RSVP info here. { more }

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