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InnerNet Weekly: Inspirations from
Rich Man And The Beggar
by Hindu Parable (Author Unknown)

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2490.jpgMany years ago, a man was sitting in quiet contemplation by a riverbank when he was disturbed by a beggar from the local village.

“Where is the stone?” the beggar demanded. “I must have the precious stone!”

The man smiled up at him. “What stone do you seek?”

“I had a dream,” the beggar continued, barely able to slow his words to speak, “and in that dream a voice told me that if I went to the riverbank I would find a man who would give me a precious stone that would end my poverty forever!”

The man looked thoughtful, then reached into his bag and pulled out a large diamond.

“I wonder if this was the stone?” the man said kindly. “I found it on the path. If you’d like it, you may certainly have it.”

The beggar couldn’t believe his luck, and he snatched the stone from the man’s hand and ran back to the village before he could change his mind.

One year later, the beggar, now dressed in the clothes of a wealthy man, came back to the riverbank in search of his anonymous benefactor.

“You have returned, my friend!” said the man, who was again sitting in his favorite spot enjoying the peaceful flow of the water before him. “What has happened?”

The beggar humbled himself before the man.

“Many wonderful things have happened to me because of the diamond you gave me so graciously. I have become wealthy, found a wife and bought a home. I am now able to give employment to others and to do what I want, when I want with whomever I want.”

“For what have you returned?” asked the man.

“Please,” the rich beggar said. “Teach me whatever it is inside you that allowed you to give me that stone so freely.”

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Rich Man And The Beggar
How do you relate to the spirit of detachment that allowed the man to give away a precious stone? Can you share a personal story of a time you were able to give away what others perceived as greatly valuable without a trace of attachment? What helps you develop a sense of abundance that goes beyond the material?
NAREN KINI wrote: Kabir’s famous lines come to mind, reading this. Baagon na ja re, teri kaaya mein gulzaar Asht kamal pe baithh ke, tu dekhe roop apaar

Do not go to the garden of flowers! O Friend! go not there; …

Jagdish P Dave wrote: I love parables. They are short like this Hindu parable containing profound wisdom. This parable reveals the spiritual way of living a precious life without attachment to material things. The man who …
David Doane wrote: I admire the spirit of detachment. I assume the man by the riverbank had happiness within that was independent of wealth outside, and his happiness and wisdom expressed itself in his giving away the p…
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