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The Clarinet in the Attic

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December 28, 2020

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The Clarinet in the Attic

For grief is crowned with consolation.

– William Shakespeare –

The Clarinet in the Attic

“Pat and Peter went together to the doctor’s appointment. In their eighties, theyd been married over sixty years. Pat was a poet; Peter, a retired minister. The specialist confirmed an earlier diagnosis: Peter was suffering from dementia, cause unknown. Some “accident in the brain” was robbing him of his short-term memory. Every ten or fifteen minutes, his mind would reboot, and he lost all recollection of what he’d experienced in that short span of time. His long-term memory remained intact, along with his sweet and gracious personality, his intelligence and dry wit, his devotion to peace and justice-making, his love of Pat and their family. But he was living now in a radical present. He could no longer meaningfully build upon the past or anticipate the future.The moment he arrived home from the doctor’s office, Peter climbed up into the attic and rummaged around for his old clarinet.” Phyllis Cole-Dai shares more in this moving love story. { read more }

Be The Change

What is the ‘clarinet in the attic’ in your life? Will you take the author’s invitation to bring it down and play it?

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