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How do we respond with compassion?
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Dear ServiceSpace Friends,

In the face of compounding disruptions in society, so many of us are left asking difficult questions. Like Otto recently inquiry: “What does the emerging dawn of this century look like?” Perhaps what’s bubbling up among us can be summed up by three interviews this month. Parker Palmer interviewed Preeta around the "Inner Work of Democracy", a Buddhist university’s interview with Birju was titled "Compassion as Capital,” and Audrey’s interview with Heartfulness magazine was headlined: Kindness is Key to Resilience. In other words, how might we nurture personal resilience, interpersonal care, and systemic transformation?

Building on that flow, here’s a few upcoming events:

  • 131.jpg Nov 4th, Teens Interview a Monk: next Wednesday, the Santa Clara Awakin Circle has a special conversation with Rev. Heng Sure! Post U.S. elections, what questions will American teens ask one of the senior-most Western monks residing in Australia? Join the dialogue. (7:30PM PDT)
  • HHH06Jun2020_C1(2).png Pods-r-us: to support building deeper ties in a virtual context, we’ve created new "pod technology". Meghna described its intent as, "How can our carbon (material) and compassion (eternal) wisdom guide a silicon interface to mirror the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts?" Hundreds of people from a couple dozen countries have already held wide-ranging pods, on topics from Laddership to Hands, Head, Heart Immersions to Holding Sacred Space. Coming up in the next month: Priceless Pricing, Love and Power, and more. Explore open pods.
  • 539.jpg Awakin Calls: in the ever-expanding lineup of illuminating weekly interviews

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