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August 20, 2020

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Square Peg Foundation: Putting Human Dignity First

The generous mind adds dignity to every act, and nothing misbecomes it.

– Plutarch –

Square Peg Foundation: Putting Human Dignity First

“So the question comes up why horses? Here’s the thing– a horse never sees potential in any one. A horse sees you for exactly who you are and a horse offers you the dignity of that. The dignity to be scared, the dignity to be dis-regulated, the dignity to be curious, or kind, or excited.The dignity to just be you…Square Peg was dreamed up by a young mother with a child that needed to move and to be encouraged for his curiosity and to have his kindness understood as a strength. It was created to make a space for ex-racehorses who had given their all on the track and now needed to have a place where they were safe and needed and cared for…In 1984 at age 16, I became a mom. My son was born 9 weeks early and weighed 3 and a half pounds. While he grew in an incubator in the hospital, I finished both high school and my first quarter of college. My son’s learning difficulty started early…” Joell Dunlap,the dynamic founder of Square Peg Foundation shares more in this inspiring piece. { read more }

Be The Change

What might it look like in your life, to “add dignity to every act?” Learn more about the Square Peg Foundation here.

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