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InnerNet Weekly: Inspirations from
Mistakes: Results That Show The Truth Of Things
by Chris Lombard

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2437.jpgThe biggest fears are actually the biggest opportunities.

I have seen falls. I have seen blood. I have seen gashes and swelled joints and broken bones and I have seen death along with them. I have also seen the one thing that is worse.

Avoiding any chance of pain.

In the quest for safety so much is lost. It is no fun falling down, but it is a disaster to be kept from the possibility. Life comes with death, and acceptance of this leads to happiness. Life actually comes with many deaths during it. Beginnings and endings. Much changes as you experience those lives and deaths . But always there is that one constant that does not change.

You are safe.

You can take that chance. You can take that leap. You might get hurt but if you know your heart and follow it, whether with a small step or a giant one, you cannot fail. Whether successful or not, what awaits is the same. The mistake is thinking that surviving the leap is everything. Because just by taking the leap do you get all you came for. What you pay in courage is paid back in love.

Giant leaps cannot be taken all the time. True love and courage can sometimes mean taking a step back. True daring can be choosing another path. One way feels right and the other does not, and you take your best shot at coming from your heart. Whatever then happens is never wrong. Because nature is never wrong. Just like you are never wrong. Mistakes are really just results showing the truth of things. They show you where you are, and if you listen, they also show you what you need to do.

You are born into the journey of figuring things out as you go, until the day you die. Searching for your heart and tying your leaps of faith to it. With that comes injury. Sometimes you see the injury, sometimes you just feel it. Cuts show trying. Scars show healing. Loss shows love.

Whether you take that leap or not, the same thing is always there to catch you. Jump and you will be caught, land and you will be caught, fall and you will be caught. Do not jump and you are caught. So go forth and live by the heart. Sit in silence until love speaks and then advance toward that feel. Forward is freedom. Leave it all spent on the path. Feel life. Feel all of life. Feel all the fear in the world and take the tiniest steps forward, knowing you need fear as much as love.

Know that fear is love.

About the Author: Chris Lombard is a horseman and writer who has dedicated his life to helping people and their horses connect with each other in profound ways. He has worked with over 2000 horses, and recently made his debut as an actor in ‘Breaking Reins’. The above is an excerpt from his latest book, "The Horses in our Stars: a Story of Life, Love, and the Journey Within."

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Mistakes: Results That Show The Truth Of Things
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