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InnerNet Weekly: Inspirations from
Discipline Of Tao
by D. T. Suzuki

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2432.jpgA master called Yuan came to Tai-chu Hui-hai and asked: ‘When disciplining oneself in the Tao, is there any special way of doing it?"

Hui-hai: ‘Yes, there is."

Yuan: ‘What is that?"

Hui-hai: ‘When hungry, one eats, when tired, one sleeps."

Yuan: ‘That is what other people do; is their way the same as yours?’

Hui-hai: ‘Not the same.’

Yuan: ‘Why not?’

Hui-hai: ‘When they eat, they do not just eat, they conjure up all kinds of imagination; when they sleep, they do not just sleep, they are given up to varieties of idle thoughts. That is why their way is not my way.’

About the Author: From the book, The Zen Doctrine of No-Mind.

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Discipline Of Tao
How do you relate to the notion of becoming empty of idle thoughts? Can you share a personal story of a time you were able to engage in action with full presence? What helps you deepen in presence?
Jagdish P Dave wrote: How to disciplineourselves in Tao is a question that every Mindfulness meditator asks the master and himself. The answerthe Zen master Hui-hai gives to Yuan, the questioner, is simple and profound: Be…
David Doane wrote: When alone, I’m empty of idle thoughts for periods of time when focused on a project which may be a physical activity or reading or writing and during brief times of reflection and meditation. The…
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