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Night Shift at the Marriott

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December 27, 2019

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Night Shift at the Marriott

A market exchange has an equilibrium or stasis: you pay to balance the scale. But when you give a gift there is momentum, and the weight shifts from body to body.

– Lewis Hyde –

Night Shift at the Marriott

Picture this: It’s almost 11pm on a hot August day. You’re exhausted, having just driven over 600 miles, and you arrive at the newly opened Marriott, your last hope for a place to lay your tired body down for the night. You are third in line at the front desk, where there is a single young woman on duty, doing everything she can to keep things under control. When you finally arrive at room 309, you find it completely untouched by maid service. Read this incredible story about who’s got the night shift at the Marriott. { read more }

Be The Change

Maybe a situation has popped up in your own life where a service you expected hasn’t been done, the documents haven’t been copied, the boxes haven’t been moved, a call hasn’t been made – the possibilities are endless. Have you ever stepped forward in such a moment and rolled up your own sleeves– not out of anger or frustration, but just to move ahead? If so, what did you discover in the process? If not, what’s stopping you from giving it a whirl at the next opportunity?

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