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InnerNet Weekly: Inspirations from
Beauty Is The Very Nature Of The Kosmos
by Ken Wilber

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2332.jpgIf science gives us objective Truth, or the “it” of Spirit, and morals give us the Good, or the “we” of Spirit, then Beauty—which is in the “eye” of the beholder—helps open us to the “I” of Spirit. […]

Think of the most beautiful person you have ever seen. Think of the exact moment you looked into his or her eyes, and for a fleeting second you were paralyzed: you couldn’t take your eyes off that vision. You stared, frozen in time, caught in that beauty. Now imagine that identical beauty radiating from every single thing in the entire universe: every rock, every plant, every animal, every cloud, every person, every object, every mountain, every stream—even the garbage dumps and broken dreams— every single one of them, radiating that beauty. You are quietly frozen by the gentle beauty of everything that arises around you. You are released from grasping, released from time, released from avoidance, released altogether into the eye of Spirit, where, you contemplate the unending beauty of the Art that is the entire World.

That all-pervading Beauty is not an exercise in creative imagination. It is the actual structure of the universe. That all-pervading Beauty is in truth the very nature of the Kosmos right now. It is not something you have to imagine, because it is the actual structure of perception in all domains. If you remain in the eye of Spirit, every object is an object of radiant Beauty. If the doors of perception are cleansed, the entire Kosmos is your lost and found Beloved, the Original Face of primordial Beauty, forever, and forever, and endlessly forever. And in the face of that stunning Beauty, you will completely swoon into your own death, never to be seen or heard from again, except on those tender nights when the wind gently blows through the hills and the mountains, quietly calling your name.

About the Author: From Ken Wilber’s book, One Taste.

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Beauty Is The Very Nature Of The Kosmos
How do you relate to the notion of every object being an object of radiant beauty in the eye of Spirit? Can you share a personal story of a time you felt the radiant “Beauty” of everything around you? What helps you see the all-pervading “Beauty” around you?
David Doane wrote: All that is, every plant, animal, person, and object, is an expression of and manifestation of God, so I know each one is the radiant beauty of Spirit. During the moments that I abide in that knowing …
Jagdish P Dave wrote: Ken Wilber’s passage reminds me of the song sung by a saint: "By losing myself I found myself." When the ego creates the world of this and that, mine and and thine, beauty and ugliness, …
Prasad Kaipa wrote: Last year when I was in Bali, I was in awe of its natural beauty. Especially when I went to a rice farm, I had a chance to see multiple rainbows and the trees were radiating energy. It felt like beaut…
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