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The Nettle Dress – Trailer

This week’s inspiring video: The Nettle Dress – Trailer
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Video of the Week

Aug 25, 2022
The Nettle Dress - Trailer

The Nettle Dress – Trailer

Over the course of seven years Allan Brown makes a dress by hand from foraged nettles. In the process, as he experiences the loss of two loved ones, he weaves his love into the fabric that he is creating. He spends seven summers harvesting the nettle and seven winters spinning it into fabric to make a dress for his daughter. The thread he creates carries his grief and his love, so that the cloth represents all of the love he has put into it. The nettles are free, foragable and renewable. As Allan transforms the nettles he himself is transformed by the healing power of nature and slow crafting.
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Women at the End of the Land

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August 25, 2022

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Women at the End of the Land

You can only understand people if you feel them in yourself.

– John Steinbeck –

Women at the End of the Land

“For centuries, the nomadic Nenets reindeer herders of the Siberian arctic have migrated across one of the most challenging environments on Earth. Today, the permafrost is melting, posing significant threat to their unique way of life. This is the intimate story of Lena, a young Nenets mother, and her journey to birth.” { read more }

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