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Seeding Projects to Change the World

This week’s inspiring video: Seeding Projects to Change the World
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Video of the Week

Sep 25, 2014
Seeding Projects to Change the World

Seeding Projects to Change the World

A 13-year-old collects items for animal shelters. An 88-year-old offers up land to community agriculture. A young man trains prisoners in nonviolence. For Ari Nessel, each story is just another day along his journey in giving. After making a fortune in Dallas real estate, Ari wanted to give back. Yet he noticed that modern-day philanthropy tends to hold a disconnect between the funders and those who are doing the work. So he decided to seed projects rather than fund them, and has embarked on an experiment to give away $1,000 a day, every day, for the rest of his life. "My experience is that transformation happens on the fringes and in the micro areas and the individuals," he explains. "It doesn’t happen on a large scale, it happens through all these people coming together in communities." Learn how the seeds of The Pollination Project continue to blossom.
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The Mosaic Man

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September 25, 2014

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The Mosaic Man

We are mosaics. Pieces of light, love, history, stars…Glued together with magic and music and words.

– Anita Krizzan –

The Mosaic Man

“I am homeless for 25 years, at the mercy of my talent,” says Jim Power. Jim found a creative outlet in creating hand-crafted mosaic artwork that he started posting on lampposts in Lower Manhattan’s Eastside. Jim’s creativity transformed the streets into the “Mosaic Trail.” The art, a passion close to his heart, connected Jim to his inner voice. The “Mosaic Trail” became his purpose, his expression of self. The stories in Jim’s mosaics provided an identity for people in the Eastside. When the city threatened to destroy his work, the community rallied around Jim to protect the “mosaic trail,” now a legacy for the residents. Listen to Jim Power’s story as the Mosaic Man… { read more }

Be The Change

Take up an activity you enjoy, and perform it with consistency. Share your passion with others. Your impact may inspire and encourage them to pursue their own talents.

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