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Taking Back The Time

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June 20, 2014

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Taking Back The Time

We can no longer prosper by increasing human productivity. The more we try to do, the more poverty we will create.

– Paul Hawken –

Taking Back The Time

“As a species, we humans possess some unique capacities. We can stand apart from what’s going on, think about it, question it, imagine things being different. We are also curious. We want to know “why?” We figure out “how.” We think about what’s past’ we dream forward to the future. We create what we want rather than just accept what is. So far, we’re the only species we know that does this. But as the world speeds up, we’re forfeiting these wonderful human capacities…Do you equate productivity with speed? Margaret Wheatley explains how slowing down just might be the difference between ideas and action.” { read more }

Be The Change

After you read this article, take three slow breaths, and smile. 🙂

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