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The Shirt Off My Back

This week’s inspiring video: The Shirt Off My Back
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Video of the Week

Jun 12, 2014
The Shirt Off My Back

The Shirt Off My Back

A short, award winning film titled, The Wings of Joy, follows a young boy on his quest to save money for a coveted sports jersey. Allow yourself to be surprised by the kindness, joy and connection the film portrays.
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Why Compassion In the Workplace Matters

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June 12, 2014

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Why Compassion In the Workplace Matters

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

– Dalai Lama –

Why Compassion In the Workplace Matters

Workplaces vary on the extent to which “companionate love” is present. According to Wharton Management professor Sigal Barsade, companionate love is shown “when colleagues who are together day in and day out, ask and care about each other’s work and even non-work issues…They are careful of each other’s feelings. They show compassion when things don’t go well. And they also show affection and caring — and that can be about bringing somebody a cup of coffee when you go get your own, or just listening when a co-worker needs to talk.” Research shows that workplaces high on companionate love are not only more appealing, but that this form of emotional culture is also vital to employee morale, teamwork, and customer satisfaction. Read on to learn more. { read more }

Be The Change

How can you show kindness to a coworker today?

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